Large scale digital displays provide high impact for brand message.



Interruptive messaging across digital menu boards.



In-Lobby digital advertising with video and audio.


The Cinema Scene Promotional Network (CSPN) aggregates theatre assets for a promotion with multiple touchpoints.

Signature Walls

What it is:

Configuration of 50+ digital displays capture the attention of every moviegoer. Location and size of wall are designed uniquely for each theatre to create maximum impact.


DMB Takeover Network

What it is:

Studio takeover spot interrupts concession messaging for :10 seconds on digital menu boards. Circuit messaging may also be displayed in an interruptive style on the digital menu boards throughout the day. Two studio DMB takeover spots are available per two week flight.


What it is:

TrailerVision™ combines elements of a static movie poster with digital technology to stream movie trailers and advertisements in theatre lobbies.


What it is:
Large scale video display located in key theatre lobbies in top DMAs. The wall is comprised of 46" LCD displays configured in a 3x3 landscape orientation. The structure will display high definition content that is 6ft tall and 10ft wide with directional audio.

CSPN - Cinema Scene Promotional Network

What it is:
An aggregate of theatre circuits in key DMAs across the United States. Cinema Scene works with theatres to provide studios with various touchpoints to reach moviegoers. A program may include some of the various touchpoints below.

  • Concession Packaging

  • On-Screen Concession Messaging

  • Digital POS - Digital Menu Boards, TrailerVision™, VideoWall

  • Static POS - Counter Cards, Static Clings

  • Website or Social Media